©2015,Copyright  Restaurant Gino / All right reserved Design: Del Rio Films DOO - Skopje, Macedonia The Gino restaurant is the first original  Italian restaurant in Skopje that was  established in May 18, 1997. Its owner,  Gino Guacini who comes from the  exotic Tuscany, Italy, is a big fan of  cooking. He creates an exceptional  team of chefs, creative masters for  pizza and ice cream, inspirational  bartenders and most professional  waiters. He teaches them all to the  procedures for preparation, specific  tastes and smells, for the soul of  Italian cuisine particularly the one from  Tuscany. . In the Gino restaurant everything is  available: noodles in all versions,  spaghetti, pasta, tortellini, ravioli,  cannelloni, njoki and all of them are  daily handmade in the restaurant by  the employees, using flour from durum  wheat (kind of meal) and fresh eggs.  In the restaurant you can try the beef  steak Fiorentina, various fillets other  kinds of meat. We offer fresh fish of all kinds, fish  cooked in salt, squid, crabs, lobster,  grilled octopus, appetizers, soups or  fresh Carpaccio. We offer original Italian pizza in all versions with a fresh mozzarella and a special recipe for the dough a la Gino, baked in a oven on wood. We have an exclusive bar with all kinds  of drinks, Italian coffee, espresso, in  connection with an exceptional  restaurant. Our wine card is composed by  the best ones from Macedonia, wines from Tuscany, as well a great selection of wines from all over the world. Our pastry shop is well known by the  most famous Italian sweets and  desserts made with natural ingredients  by our supreme confectioners.  Surely, one of the most popular  products at the Gino Restaurant is the  ice cream, a natural product without  preservatives, colors and additives; It  is hand-made with pure milk and fruits.  The Gino's restaurant has over 50  employees, and it is one of the most  popular restaurants in Skopje that  offers great food and drinks,  professional service and top quality  worldwide. Mr. Gino Guacini, thanks to all his visitors for many years of fellowship together as well to his employees. They have set these high criteria of gastronomy and services. BACK